Does Muhammad Ali Have A Sex Tape?

ali sex tape

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s something almost as disturbing as Bartolo Colon’s waistline.

Barbara Mensah, one of Muhammad Ali’s former girlfriends who says her daughter Kiiursti is the result of one of the many nights the original GOAT didn’t pull out, also says she is looking for a “six-figure sum” for…wait for it…Muhammad Ali sex tapes.

That’s right, kids. According to Mirror, Mensah says she wants more than $100,000 for videos of Ali having sex with multiple women at “gumbo parties.”

“There would be Ali and a few of his guys and then about a dozen or more girls,” Mensah said. “All of them were stunning. Muhammad couldn’t keep away from a pretty girl whether he was married or not. The tapes show them having sex. They used to call them gumbo parties (because) it was a mix of everything.”

For everybody’s sake, let’s hope they stopped filming Ali getting his fuck on after the Parkinson’s kicked in. Although, if there’s a million-dollar market for midgets being taken to pound town by guys at least 15 inches in length, then odds are there are plenty of sick fucks out there who’d get off on an elderly Ali making women shake like him as well…

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You have got to see this shit:

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