by Tommy Gimler

“Jake and the Giant Killers” are surprisingly not an early-90s alt-rock band. No, they’re an extremely white group of basketball players who wait until the final horn sounds to crush your parlay.

Texas -3.5 looked like a great bet until Northern Iowa went on a 33-10 run in the first half. But it was still in play at the end of regulation as the Longhorns and Panthers were knotted at 72 and ready to head to overtime. Well, unless the gleepiest kid in Cedar Falls hit the whitest shot in the history of the NCAA Tournament from half court, but I mean, what were the odds of that?

That was KXEL’s Gary Rima doing a tits job with the game-winning call for Panthers Radio. This was pretty much everybody else after that shot went in:


Wait, there’s more: These 5 Players In The NCAA Tournament Can Eat A Dick

You have got to see this shit:

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2 Responses to Madness

  1. Brandon says:

    UNI is in Cedar Falls.

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