Did Jim Boeheim Literally Piss His Pants Yesterday?

jim boeheim piss pants

by Tommy Gimler

To be honest, I’d probably shit myself if I just missed out on a six-figure NCAA Tournament bonus.

It’s been a tough season for Jimmy Boeheim and the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team, and after shitting the bed in their second-round matchup against Pitt in the ACC Tournament, it’s about to get even tougher. Like being an Irish guy in the Grambling locker room tough.

Unless of course the goal for the Orange this year was to be a #1 seed in the NIT, then hey, congratulations.

The loss to Pitt yesterday was Syracuse’s fifth in their last six games. They’ve dropped games to Clemson, Florida State, St. John’s, and Georgetown this year, and those teams are pure dog shit. Hell, Pittsburgh has beaten them all three times they’ve faced each other.

Before yesterday’s loss to Pitt, fat fuck Joe Lunardi at the four-letter somehow still had Syracuse as one of his “Last Four In.” But even with a win yesterday, the Orange’s NCAA Tourney fate still would have been up in the air, and you have to think Boeheim knew that. Well, at least we’re pretty sure that’s why he pissed himself when Syracuse was suddenly down 10 points with less than four minutes to play:


boeheim piss

boeheim piss 2

The Orange are now in Lunardi’s “Last Four Out,” and if you take the time to compare their resume to those compiled by the other bubble teams, you’ll quickly come to the realization that I have a better shot of fisting Kate Upton next Thursday than Syracuse does of playing in an NCAA Tourney game…

Wait, there’s more: Playing Basketball At Boston College Is Almost As Sad As A Grown Man Pissing Himself

You have got to see this shit:

Sauce: TFM

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