Warren Moon Thinks People Are Treating Cam Newton As If ‘He Raped Five Pastors’ Daughters’

Cam Newton

by Tommy Gimler

Well, then he’d probably be the starting quarterback for Dallas instead of Carolina.

Super Bowl Week is still younger than girls R. Kelly likes to piss on, but we may have already found the quote of the week thanks to Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon.

Speaking to Mike Garafolo at Fox Sports, Moon said he can’t figure out why the public’s hatred of Cam Newton is so “intense.” But then he gave three reasons why people don’t like him, which is confusing because that means he has figured it out.

Anyway, Moon said the backlash Newton receives has to do with race, the fact that he doesn’t behave like a traditional quarterback, and Newton’s college days, when he got in trouble for purchasing a stolen laptop and his dad reportedly shopped him around to SEC schools like he was a sexy, young Russian immigrant with a pussy that smells like strawberries.

Now, Moon can’t believe that the general public just can’t let that go.

“You’d think he raped like five pastors’ daughters over the last five years and he’s getting away with it the way people are talking about him.”

Strong words from Moon, but we’re not buying it. I mean, does anybody else see this whole “hatred of Cam Newton” campaign as just another storyline the NFL is pushing hard on its bitches like ESPN and Peter King and telling them to run to with it?

It’s Super Bowl 101, really. You have two weeks of zero games (that’s right, the Pro Bowl does not qualify as a football game), so you need to come up with storylines to get people talking. Last year’s trumped up story was Deflategate. This year’s story is that people hate Cam Newton because of his skin color and how he plays the game, and there’s even a similar Beats by Dre campaign that “coincidentally” started running at the same time the NFL began pushing this horse shit story on their fans.

Sound familiar?

It was just two short years ago when Seattle’s Richard Sherman stood in front of every microphone he could find to let the world know that not everybody in Compton was a gangster, and he was the furthest thing from a thug. He was an educated man who went to Stanford, for fuck’s sake. And then wouldn’t you know it, a Beats by Dre commercial with him standing in front of reporters in a locker room “coincidentally” aired during Super Bowl Week that echoed that same message.

So, we’re not buying the “Everybody Hates Cam Newton” headline this year because it’s a bullshit headline. The truth is that so many people “hate” Cam Newton that he has the #3-selling jersey amongst NFL quarterbacks at NFLShop.com. I mean, that’s what people do when they hate people, right? They drop money on jerseys with their last names on them…

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You have got to see this shit:

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