Louisville’s Strength Coach Sure Looks Like He Could Use Some Of Those Hookers

ray ganong losing his shit

by Tommy Gimler

How this guy has made it 30 years at the University of Louisville without succumbing to a massive heart attack is anybody’s guess.

Odds are you missed last night’s Louisville-Duke game, and that’s probably because it was a college basketball game in February.

Duke eventually won the game by seven points, but who gives a shit? The real story of the game was Louisville strength and conditioning coach Ray Ganong consistently losing his shit like a bum on Market Street in San Francisco:

And here’s another look at somebody deemed stable:

The camera crew at the four-letter cut back to him a few more times, but it’s a damn shame they didn’t just keep one camera on him and air it on ESPN U or some shit. I mean, there’s no way the Colgate-Holy Cross game or whatever they were airing was more entertaining than this guy yelling at himself like a meth head about to drop a deuce in the middle of a sidewalk along Mission Street.

The University of Louisville announced last week that they would self-impose a postseason ban on this year’s team because of allegations made by a former hooker that she and other girls were given tons of cash to fuck Louisville players and recruits, something that obviously worked in 2013 when Louisville won it all.

And if you asked us to guess the one person associated with the Louisville basketball program who is missing those hooker parties the most, our money is on Ganong. I mean, we’ve seen rage like that before, and it’s usually the result of drug use or lack of pussy…

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You have got to see this shit:

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