Here’s Lindsey Vonn Doing Pull-Ups Wearing Nothing But Body Paint

lindsey vonn swimsuit issue

by Frank Rhombus

Um, you’re welcome.

Many guys and sexually-advanced women have moved on from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in recent years thanks to the fact that free videos of two Russian girls with troubled childhoods rubbing their hump holes against each other can easily be found everywhere on the Internet.

But I for one have not jumped shipped, as I think SI has done wonderful things to keep up the best they can. Like removing tops from most of their shots and making sure the “swimsuit” bottoms show off their models’ spectacular poop chutes, for instance:

nina agdal si swimsuit issue

And how about skiing sensation Lindsey Vonn doing pull-ups sporting nothing but body paint? In the words of Louis Tully, “Yes, have some.”

A video posted by Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn) on

I mean, wow. Boner.

Now if they could just stop including pictures of fat girls in bikinis in an effort to make 70 percent of the women in this country feel sexy, we’d really be getting somewhere. But hey, if a few pics of one behemoth in a bikini accompany others of Vonn, Wozniacki and Rousey wearing nothing but body paint, then I guess I can learn to deal with it…

Wait, there’s more: Here’s A Hockey Referee Getting Blasted In The Nuts By A Beer Can Thrown By A Fan

You have got to see this shit:

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