Colin Kaepernick Wants To Play For The Jets, Which Is Perfect Because He Sucks

colin kaepernick jets

by Tommy Gimler

Somebody might want to tell Colin Kaepernick that when you have $114 million remaining on your contract and you’re not even the highest-rated quarterback on your own team, you don’t get to call the shots.

At least one player on the current San Francisco 49ers roster reportedly doesn’t want to play for Chip Kelly, and it’s none other than the guy who many think is James Lofton’s illegitimate kid.

Colin Kaepernick, whose 78.5 quarterback rating this season was “good” for 31st out of 34 QBs, says he no longer wants to play in San Francisco, and the New York Daily News says he’d prefer to take his “talents” to New York.

The problem with that? You guessed it: Kaepernick blows, and the Jets already have their quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick, and that’s pretty much what Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall echoed when he appeared with shitdicks Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on First Take this morning.

Why Kaepernick wouldn’t want to play in a system that made Nick Foles a Pro Bowl quarterback is anybody’s guess, but if a guy who has spent a good number of seasons attempting to catch the shit balls thrown by Jay Cutler doesn’t want you as his quarterback, it might be time to take a look in the mirror and rethink your situation…

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You have got to see this shit:

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