This Swollen Eye Might Be The Grossest Shit You’ll Ever See In A UFC Fight

matt mitrione swollen eye

by Frank Rhombus

Let’s be honest: That’s what you’d expect a face to look like after Charlie Sheen jerked off onto it.

Happy MLK Day! In honor of the late civil rights leader, here’s a video of a white guy who got the shit kicked out of him at last night’s UFC Fight Night 81 in Boston.

This is Matt Mitrione, and what Travis Browne did to his eye might be the grossest fucking thing I’ve ever seen:

OK, to be fair, Kevin Ware’s leg snapping in half on Easter Sunday a few years ago still holds the title for grossest sports injury I’ve ever seen. But let’s just say Mitrione’s swollen eye is sniffing his ass as they cross the finish line…

Wait, there’s more: Fartgate: Who Farted At The Beginning Of The Fourth Quarter Today In Denver?

You have got to see this shit:

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