Pistons TV Analyst: ‘I’m Coming In Your Face’

greg kelser im coming in your face

by Frank Rhombus

It takes a lot to get us talking about an NBA regular season game in January, but apparently the suggestion of ejaculating in another man’s face is enough to do the trick.

Odds are you missed the Jazz-Pistons game earlier this week, and that’s probably because the Utah Jazz were playing the Detroit Pistons. Well, Detroit was already administering an ass pounding late in the first quarter when television analyst Greg Kelser decided it was time for the money shot:

I gotta tell you, kids. If that’s the message the opposing team is bringing, then I’m asking coach if I can sit this one out.

Detroit held on to win the game 95-92, but let’s be honest: Who gives a shit?

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You have got to see this shit:

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