New DUD Poll: What Is The Best Way To Describe What Carolina Did To Arizona Sunday Night?

cam newton nfc championship

by Tommy Gimler

The Carolina Panthers held Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals down on the ground and took the nastiest of shits in their mouths Sunday night.

And by nastiest I’m talking about what comes out approximately 43 minutes after deciding that mixing and matching items from both the Taco Bell and KFC menus was a great idea.

Arizona turned the ball over seven times, including one brutal Palmer interception just before halftime that was pretty much the equivalent to getting kicked in the dick by Paul Bunyan, and were never truly a threat to derailing the Panthers. Carolina won 49-15, although anybody watching the game not named Stevie Wonder will tell you that it felt more like it was 150-3.

It was an absolute curb stomping by the Panthers. ESPN called it a smothering. Other major publications called it a “crushing” and a “pummeling.” And it got us wondering what would be the absolute best way to describe what went down at Bank of America Stadium, so we came up with this nifty little poll. Give it a quick read and choose your favorite answer. Then enjoy Bikini Super Heroes on HBO Zone at 9:55 p.m. on the West Coast…


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You have got to see this shit:

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