Here’s A Guy Giving Away Free NFC Championship Game Tickets To The Female Panthers Fan With The Best Feet


by Tommy Gimler

No way my grandma wins this one, as her her toenails look like she soaks them in a fucking ashtray.

Great news for those female Panthers fans who missed out on tickets to the NFC Championship Game after they sold out in less than three minutes! If you have nice feet and don’t mind sending a picture of them to some dude who is doubt going to masturbate to them, you might be in luck.

Per this Craigslist post, some dude with access to four tickets to this Sunday’s game is giving them away to one lucky female Carolina fan who wins his “best pretty Panthers Paws” promotion. All you have to do is throw on some Panthers gear, head out to your car, throw your dew-beaters up on the dashboard and snap a picture.

Whoever owns the set of feet this guy deems the sexiest gets four tickets to the big game:

panthers paws sexy feet

According to StubHub, tickets in Section 132 are going for as much at $5,800, so if you’ve got the feet and no ambition to one day represent North Carolina in the House of Representatives, then I say go for it.

At the same time, if you’re this dude, why not sell your tickets and use just a portion of the proceeds to purchase a hooker with the sexiest toes in Charlotte? I mean, what would she charge to let you suck on those things, 30 bucks tops? Shit, for 50 she’ll probably let you do the same thing to her cousin. Use your fucking head, man…

Wait, there’s more: Fartgate: Who Farted At The Beginning Of The Fourth Quarter Today In Denver?

You have got to see this shit:

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