New DUD Poll: Which One Of These Assholes Is The Biggest Asshole?

ralph peters obama a total pussy

by Tommy Gimler

A lot of crazy shit has gone down in December, and the month is still younger than girls Roman Polanski likes to rape.

Here are five clips of pure shitdickery, although even if you’re an Obama supporter, you have to respect the size of the stones it takes to go on national television and call the President of the United States a “total pussy.”

Your job is to answer the poll question below and tell us who you think this month’s biggest asshole is so far:

Asshole #1

This is Brandon Prust of the Vancouver Canucks:


And this is Brandon Prust of the Vancouver Canucks spearing Boston’s Brad Marchand in the dick:

Asshole #2

This is a woman in Brooklyn witnessing a car accident that sadly killed a young lady Sunday night. But instead of running over to assist the poor girl, she walks away while stuffing her piehole full of pizza:

Asshole #3

This is former USC head coach Steve Sarkisian hammered at a pep rally earlier this year:

And here’s an article from TMZ that says Sarkisian is now suing the school for more than $30 million because he says they wrongfully terminated him because he has a disability. That disability? You guessed it: He likes to get drunk…

Asshole #4

Here’s a video of a 73-year-old man in Seattle who was about to be let off with a warning for driving without his headlights on last week. He was arrested, however, after the officer walked back up to his car and noticed he was about to do a line of blow out of his left hand:

Asshole #5

Finally, here’s a video of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters calling President Obama a total pussy:

Don’t be like my hippie sister. Place your vote below:


Wait, there’s more: The Bills Win Today Was So Exciting That These Two Just Had To Fuck Each Other In The Parking Lot Afterward

You have got to see this shit:

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One Response to New DUD Poll: Which One Of These Assholes Is The Biggest Asshole?

  1. Tom Greene says:

    You forgot to have an option for “Any Current/Former Philadelphia Flyer”

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