Best Of The DUD 2015: Some Skank Took A Picture Of Odell Beckham Jr. Eating Her Out And Of Course It Found Its Way Onto Twitter

odell beckham

by Frank Rhombus

2015 was an exciting year, especially for this woman who managed to get Odell Beckham’s face between her enormous thighs and then tweeted a picture to prove it…

Jesus Christ. If her thighs are that big from that camera angle, then how gigantic are those fuckers for realz?

Like any other heterosexual man who isn’t in bed with Roseanne Barr, Odell Beckham Jr. loves to eat pussy. And it looks like he was doing just last recently, although by the looks of things, it was amateur night on the mechanical bull at Billy Bob’s:

odell beckham eating pussy

If you want to see for yourself that there isn’t a big white dick behind the big black circle, than you can check out the NSFW link here.

Is it just us, or is this picture both awesome yet disturbing at the same time? I mean, it’s awesome because it shows that even superstars like Odell Beckham Jr. go slumming from time to time, and I no longer feel bad about munching on some cow’s box back in Lincoln in ’03. Again, if that pic was taken from the “hold above your head so you look skinny” angle, then “Thunder Thighs” hit the fucking jackpot.

And if this is the best a stud like Beckham can pull in – especially on a Thursday night – then I’d hate to see who some sack of fuck like Jeremy Kerley is eating out these days. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s in a wheelchair.

So yeah, the picture is awesome. But how disturbing must it be for single guys like Beckham who apparently can no longer stick their tongues in fat girls’ hump holes without fearing that she might be taking a picture of it to show the world? I mean, say what you want about the way some of these guys treat their hoes, but look, fat girl. This is absolutely classless.

Sure, you might shave your box, but you’re a pudgy bitch. Beckham Jr. was doing you a favor, and this is how you repay him? Go fuck yourself, which by the looks of things, you’re about 10-15 pounds away from having to do on a regular basis anyway…

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You have got to see this shit:

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