Russell Westbrook Needed Just One Word To Tell Reggie Jackson To Go Eat A Box Of Shit


by Frank Rhombus


Detroit guard Reggie Jackson returned to Oklahoma City last night for the first time since being traded late last season, and he and his Pistons teammates were promptly curb stomped 103-87 thanks in large part to Kevin Durant’s 34 points and 13 rebounds. After the game, Russell Westbrook was asked by a reporter about his thoughts on how he and his teammates handled Reggie’s return:


And boom goes the dynamite.

Our thoughts exactly, Russell, as before he was traded, most of us only recognized the name Reggie Jackson thanks to the phrase, “Who the fuck is Reggie Jackson?” Now getting a chance to start in Detroit, Jackson is averaging just a c-hair over 19 points this season, which is awesome if you leave out the fact that he misses 58 percent of his shots. I mean, dude only hit four of his 16 chucks last night for fuck’s sake.

And that’s just the bad news for Pistons fans. The worse news is that they have four more years of that shit to look forward to at 16 mil a pop…

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You have got to see this shit:

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