If This Isn’t Traveling In The NBA, Then What The Fuck Is?

dj augustin travel

by Tommy Gimler

Remember that whole “You get two steps” thing you learned when you were six years old? Well, D.J. Augustin took like two thousand steps tonight, and it was still good enough for the zebras.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard D.J. Augustin, who you might recognize from the phrase, “Who the fuck is D.J. Augustin?”, was awarded two points tonight despite the fact that his layup never made it through the basket. You see, the refs called goaltending on Houston Rockets forward Montrezl (seriously, that’s his fucking name) Harrell because they saw him swat the ball away after it had already hit the backboard.

What they didn’t see was the fact that Augustin took somewhere between seven and one billion steps without dribbling before he released the ball against the glass:

That’s pretty much it for the post. And we’re assuming that’s pretty much the last time you’ll see a post on the DUD about D.J. Augustin unless he’s the recipient of this year’s Derrick Rose award, which will be handed out to the first NBA player accused of rape…

Wait, there’s more: John Brown And Bruce Arians Had The Perfect Responses For Fantasy Dorks Who Think They Give A Shit About Their Fake Football Teams

You have got to see this shit:

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