Still Don’t Think NFL Games Are Fixed? Then Explain Why A Jacksonville Player Blocked For Tampa Bay On This 58-Yard Punt Return

jaguars player blocks for buccaneers player on punt

by Frank Rhombus

Well, either that or Jacksonville’s Bernard Pierce had Tampa Bay’s Bobby Rainey on what would be an absolutely shitty fantasy team.

Winning a game in the NFL usually requires a total team effort in every phase of the game, not only on offense and defense but also special teams. And I’ll be honest: It’s harder than a Boy Scout in a whore house to win said game when one of your players – as in a guy wearing the same fucking uniform as you – decides to jump ship and start blocking for the opposing team’s punt returner, allowing him to rip off a 58-yard return all the way down to your 17-yard line.

Now, odds are you weren’t watching the Jacksonville-Tampa Bay game Sunday afternoon, and that’s probably because Jacksonville was playing Tampa Bay, but that’s exactly what happened with about nine minutes left in the second quarter. Watch in the lower right corner as Pierce decides to turn around and block a Buccaneers player for some reason instead of tackling Rainey:



Asked after the game why he did that, all Pierce had to say was, “I don’t know. I really don’t have an answer for you. I can’t really explain it.”

You know what else is pretty hard to explain? You guessed it: Why this shitdick is still on the Jaguars roster.

I mean, Tampa Bay scored a touchdown three plays later because Pierce made quite the block for Rainey instead of tackling him around midfield. And you’re telling me that both Jacksonville’s special teams coach Mike Mallory and head coach Gus Bradley watched this and said, “Nice block. Hopefully we can get him to do that for us next week?”

Pierce is still listed as number four on the team’s depth chart at running back despite making it beyond obvious that he’s looking to play for any team but the Jaguars. Shit, he had the choice to play for either Jacksonville or Tampa Bay on Sunday, and he chose Tampa Bay. Now that‘s a bold statement.

On the other hand, would it totally surprise you if somebody got to Pierce and said, “Hey, you’re Bernard Pierce. You’re so good at football that you’re the fourth-best running back on the Jacksonville Jaguars. You obviously don’t have much of a career left and you have a DUI court case coming up at the end of the month. You do this for us and we’ll take care of you?”

Sure, it might sound pretty unbelievable, but so is blocking for the other team’s punt returner…

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You have got to see this shit:

texas governor astros tweet

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2 Responses to Still Don’t Think NFL Games Are Fixed? Then Explain Why A Jacksonville Player Blocked For Tampa Bay On This 58-Yard Punt Return

  1. Stu says:

    Turns out Pierce was just severely concussed!

    • Seth says:

      It’s like that that kid on the high school c-squad who finally gets the ball and sinks it in the wrong basket. (I may or may not have been that kid).

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