Here’s 49ers Head Coach Jim Tomsula Ripping A Fart At His Press Conference

Jim Tomsula fart

by Tommy Gimler

And it might have been juicy enough to file under the “Crap” section.

Say what you want about how we’ve advanced as a society. I mean, sure, we have smartphones and laptop computers, and blacks, Asians, and Latinos can all shit in the same places as white people these days.

But there is one thing that will never change, and that is the fact that farts will always be funny. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a toddler, a dog, or your 93-year-old grandfather, farting is always an “LOL” moment. Well, unless of course you’re the one who has to change grandpa’s diaper after it.

Nonetheless, maybe it’s because he’s 90 pounds overweight and his McDonald’s Big Breakfast is starting to push out the Meat Lover’s pizza he scarfed down last night. Or maybe he just finished watching film of Aaron Rodgers tearing up the Chiefs secondary like he was Lexington Steele and they were a young porn starlet’s asshole and he’s super fucking nervous.

Whatever the case might be, 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula farted during his press conference today. That is all…

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You have got to see this shit:

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