There’s A T-Shirt With Jay Cutler Holding A Gun To His Head Being Sold In Chicago

Cutler shirt

by Frank Rhombus

Don’t worry, kids. 20 bucks says he misses.

It’s been another shitdick start of the NFL season for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

His team is 0-2. He’s got a ton of sand in his vagina bum hamstring already. Only five other quarterbacks have thrown more picks through two games, and keep in mind that Cutler missed most of yesterday’s game with that hamstring injury. His quarterback rating of 78.5 is good for 26th out of 34 QBs. And his Total QBR is lower than that of Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, and Johnny Manziel.

And there were also these shirts being sold outside of Wrigley over the weekend that featured him holding a gun to his head:


Odds are the guys who made the shirts are right, as Cutler would probably try pulling the trigger while still dropping back in the pocket, and everybody – well, except Cutler apparently – knows that trying to do anything off of your back foot usually results in failure.

You could say that the shirt is distasteful, but then you could also say that you’re a huge pussy. The shirt is obviously a joke, and since that’s exactly what Cutler has been since taking over as the quarterback in the Windy City, we’d say Bears fans are finally on the right path to getting even with this clown. They’re still a few thousand shirts short though…

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You have got to see this shit:

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