Here’s Pete Rose Betting On The Ponies At Mandalay Bay In The Middle Of The Day

pete rose gambling 1

by Tommy Gimler

In his defense, that 4-6-1 trifecta box was a fucking lock!

According to Terez Owens, there is no quit in Major League Baseball’s all-time hits leader, as he was spotted by one of their tipsters trying to strike it rich by betting on some ponies in the middle of the day over the weekend at Mandalay Bay.

Here’s Pete Rose placing a wager:

pete rose gambling

And here’s Rose watching the #6 horse fade down the stretch:

pete rose gambling 2

Look, nobody’s perfect. Hell, I cranked one out the other night while watching two ladies rub their hump holes together, and I’m pretty sure both of them were born before the Vietnam War started. But when you’re trying to make one last push to get your fat ass into Cooperstown while you still have a pulse and erase the lifetime ban that you were hammered with because you knowingly violated the rules of the game by betting on baseball, then spending an afternoon in the Mandalay Bay Sports Book betting on horses is probably the last thing you should be doing.

Trying to get those supervised visits with your daughter, something that was a result of your excessive midday drinking, changed to unsupervised? Then getting busted playing Titty Hunt while downing a bucket of suds at Magoo’s on National on a Wednesday afternoon probably isn’t the way to go.

Trying to show your wife that you no longer have the urge to pound whores on business trip? Then holding onto your Tinder account is probably a no-no.

And for fuck’s sake, if you’re trying to show Major League Baseball and the American public that you have moved on from your gambling addiction, then stay the fuck out of Las Vegas sports books. Send your intern in there to make your bets. Either that, or get some kind of fake beard/glasses disguise or some shit so everybody from Terez Owens to Barstool Sports isn’t running a story that reminds their hundreds of thousands of readers of how big of a piece of shit you are…

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You have got to see this shit:

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