Who Goes To A Rainout In Southern California?

helicopter dries Angels Stadium field

by Andy Ostroff

On July 19, 2015, I was lucky enough to go to Anaheim, California to witness Tropical Storm Dolores cancel a professional baseball game in Southern California for the first time in forever.

I truly never thought it would happen and it did. I also never thought I would go to a baseball game in a party bus, and I did that too.  Now, as fun as it is to drink during a ballgame, it’s just as fun to drink while waiting for a game that never happens.

Drinking on a bus in the parking lot of the stadium that is rapidly filling with water is a lot more fun that it sounds. Angels Stadium is also pretty cool about their in-and-out policy, so we had access to toilets and hot food with the option of returning to the bus for a beer that didn’t cost nine bucks.

I did venture inside the stadium and sit in a covered seat, only to see confused looks on pretty much everyone’s faces. Both the Anaheim and the Boston fans were stunned to see the grounds crew sloshing away in the outfield trying to empty a field of water with a drainage system that just did not work. However, I think it was only the Boston fans that knew that pushing around water with a broom is not the best way to drain it.

In an interview after the game was canceled, David Ortiz actually thought the Red Sox were the reason for the rain. “We bring bad weather everywhere,” Big Papi said. “Everywhere we go, it rains. That’s us. It’s not California. It’s us. Seriously, wherever we go, we bring rain. Every series we go to, there’s some rain going on, so I’m not surprised about this.”

While this may sound like some kind of Dominican witchcraft to me, at least the Sox can’t lose when they don’t play.

As cool as I think it may sound to say “I was at the first Angels home rain out in 20 years” I have to realize that nobody wants to hear stories about a baseball game that never happened. However, people are much more interested in stories that start with “one time on a party bus.” So, I’m happy about that. Had I driven myself down there and sat in an automobile where I couldn’t have had an open container, I probably would have been pissed about the wasted trip.

I’m definitely missing a lot of details because I’m still pretty hung over from the bus, which I feel was the true winner of the game.  Unlike the bus, the Sox definitely didn’t win and lost 11-1 when they made up the game yesterday, and then they lost the second game of the doubleheader to end the series in a sweep.

Sad to say I think it may be time to start thinking – and drinking – about next year…

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You have got to see this shit:

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