Like A Fat Kid Who Didn’t Know The Buffet Had A Dessert Bar, The Milwaukee Bucks Dropped The Ball

sam dekker milwaukee bucks pass

by J. LaSussa

I can’t fucking believe the Milwaukee Bucks passed on Wisconsin basketball legend Sam Dekker. Fuck them. I’m done.

With some “experts” projecting the former Badgers forward to go as early as number eight to the Pistons, most would have figured the Bucks front office must have been creaming their shorts when the local kid fell into their laps at number 16. Instead, they passed on him for some piece of shit that I’ve never heard of, and I watch plenty of NCAA buckets.

Think about it. The Bucks would have sold a million jerseys, their new arena would have been paid for overnight, and every white person in Wisconsin would have given a shit about the Bucks for the first time since Paul Mokeski and Randy Breuer were crossing streams in a MECCA Arena urinal. And it wouldn’t have been a reach, as Dekker went to the Houston Rockets one pick later.

It feels a lot like when the Green Bay Packers drafted Robert Ferguson or whatever that no-talent hack’s name was instead of Badgers great Chris Chambers in the 2001 NFL Draft. Chambers went on to have a good career, and I’m pretty sure Ferguson still doesn’t know how to read.

Call it a gut feeling, but I think the Bucks passing on Dekker is much worse than that. They seriously make me sick. Dekker is going to be a player in this league, and they passed on him for some sack of shit who “got hot at predraft workouts.”

So, yeah. They’re going to suck balls again, and I’m done cheering for them. Move that piece of shit team out of here now, because nobody gives a fuck about them anymore…

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You have got to see this shit:

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One Response to Like A Fat Kid Who Didn’t Know The Buffet Had A Dessert Bar, The Milwaukee Bucks Dropped The Ball

  1. BurnTVagina says:

    Did you see the absolute look of fear and despair that Dekker had at the thought of the Bucks drafting him on the clock? He looked disgusted by the idea and had an immediate sigh of relief when they didn’t and was ecstatic to go to Houston to get out of Milwaukee. You may have wanted him, but he did not want to go there and wanted out of that state and said so in words and body language…who could blame him lol.

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