The Clippers Are Just Like The Red Sox Of Old

DeAndre Jordan, J.J. Redick, Blake Griffin

by Andy Ostroff

Growing up in Boston, I’ve been a life long Red Sox fan. And if you’ve only been paying attention the last ten years or so, you would be quite jealous.  However, I remember further back to 2003, and the feeling I got in my stomach in 2004 before the Sox changed their history forever. I even remember back before that when the Red Sox would rip your heart out, stomp all over it, then kick you in the nuts with their bloody boots.

Being from Boston, there was no possible way that I could cheer for the Lakers when I moved to LA. When you combine my loyalty to the Celtics with the fact that Kobe is a shit bag, there was only one basketball team in town that I could possibly adopt.  I don’t think I will ever wish for the Clippers to beat the Celtics, but I want them to beat every other team. Plus, they’ve got Doc Rivers as coach and “Big Baby” Davis on their roster.

Yet, a few nights ago I could swear I felt a sense of deja vu. I was doing a show and watching the game in the green room. When I went on stage, the Clips were kicking the shit out of the Rockets. About 30 minutes later, the show was over and I said to my friend, “Let’s go watch the Clippers finish this.” But when I turned on the TV, I felt sick seeing that the score was now tied at 102.

Unfortunately, it was a familiar feeling, and I immediately associated it with a baseball game from my youth. It is a sickly sensation that resides in the pit of your stomach and makes you think about it for the next 12 hours at least. It’s kind of like a combination of a break-up and diarrhea. Not fun at all.

I was really hoping the Clips wouldn’t shit the bed last night  in Houston. I hoped they would win there and then go on a tear, winning the conference finals and then the NBA finals. I was hoping I wouldn’t have my sense of deja vu I had from 2003 or even 1986, but maybe it will be that same feeling I got in 2004.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

The only thing that I can take solace in is that a year after the Sox shit the bed in 2003 against the Yankees, they won their first World Series in like a thousand years. There will probably never be another sports moment that will top what I felt then, but I truly hope the Clippers can come close next year.

And even if they don’t, hey, at least they’ll still be better than the Lakers, and that’s better than nothing…

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