The Orioles And White Sox Are Playing In An Empty Stadium Today

orioles white sox empty stadium

by Frank Rhombus

ESPN’s resident twat Tim Kurkjian said on SportsCenter today that things at Oriole Park at Camden Yards were “unbelievably quiet” this morning. Um, no shit. There’s nobody there, brah.

And that’s the way it’s going to stay all day today, except for players, coaches, other team personnel, and members of the media.

The Orioles and White Sox will finally stop boning fantasy geeks everywhere and get in one game of what was supposed to be a three-game series, and the only way the general public of Baltimore can watch the game is on their TV. Well, that is if they still have one.

Looting and rioting have made the city of Baltimore an even shittier place than it was before all of the chaos, and now for the first time in the history of professional baseball, a game will be played in an empty stadium.

And that’s a big deal, kids.

This isn’t an inner city high school basketball game in NYC or a regular season WNBA game. This is a Major League Baseball game in a big league ballpark, and nobody can watch it in person because thousands of dipshits decided that a wrongful death at the hands of their city’s police force was a good reason to gank rubbers and Sudafed from a CVS Pharmacy before attempting to burn it to the ground.

The Orioles were also supposed to host the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend, but that series has been moved to Tropicana Field because of safety concerns.

In all, that means Orioles fans have been robbed of watching six games of their beloved team. But what these cocksuckers ripping up the streets of their own city don’t realize, is that their actions have also resulted in the loss of six days of work for hundreds of people who rely on the Orioles for a paycheck. And let’s be honest: If you’re selling cotton candy, churros, or foam fingers at a big league ballpark, odds are you need every cent of your paycheck just to scrape by.

Not everybody, but probably a majority of them. So yeah, nice work dipshits.

As for the Orioles, they’ll still be the home team in St. Petersburg this weekend, and today’s game should prepare them for what they’re going to experience over their next three games. They’ll be going from this today:

orioles white sox empty stadium

To this over the weekend:

Lower Level Seats

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You have got to see this shit:


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