Duke Over Wisconsin?

Duke v Wisconsin

by Andy Ostroff

That is my prediction for tonight’s game. Yes, the Badgers are the one-point favorite tonight, but there is something spooky going on here.

A cursory analysis of my prediction may lead you to believe I’m choosing Duke because they have already beaten Wisconsin earlier in the year, and they seem to crush their opponents even worse the second time they play them. Or that Duke’s defense has been great, especially in the second half where Kentucky’s faltered slightly allowing Wisconsin to get back into the game.

But the thing that is the spookiest is the similarities I see this year between the Final Four and the BCS Playoffs.

Duke is playing the role of Ohio State and Wisconsin will be playing the role of Oregon. Like Ohio State, Duke has been consistent all year, has a proven coach, they’ve been thoroughly dismantling teams the last few despite being short-handed, and they are predicted to lose. Similarly, Wisconsin is like Oregon in how they just impressed everybody with an amazing win over an undefeated team to get into the finals and they have a golden boy big man who just won the Player of the Year award. Plus, Bo Ryan is a very respected coach who has not yet won a championship.

However, the comparisons don’t stop there, as I’m not the only one who has compared Kentucky to Florida State this year. They were a very exciting team in a lackluster conference that had some tough games but weren’t truly tested until they played a better opponent in the semifinals and lost.

Really, the similarities are beyond eerie. I’m not going to fall into the same trap I fell into for the BCS. so I’m choosing Duke to beat Wisconsin tonight. But, more than anything, I’m hoping for a great game…

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