Arte Moreno And The Los Angeles Angels Can Go Fuck Themselves

hey hamilton

by Frank Rhombus

Arte Moreno and the Angels haven’t said these exact words, but they’ve said more than enough to get their point across: Josh Hamilton is no longer welcome in Anaheim.

Fuck them.

What exactly did they expect when they signed Hamilton to a five-year, $125 million contract before the 2013 season, that he would no longer be baseball’s version of Charlie Sheen? That he would move to Los Angeles and no longer have a yearning for a sixer of Schlitz and a few lines of nose candy? Shit, ministers do that shit out here.

Can Brewers fans who pay for tickets expect to get a refund when they lose? No. They know going in they’re paying to watch an inferior product.

Can you be pissed after a night of binge drinking silos of Pabst leaves you with two bouts of big time beer shits the next morning? No. It’s been happening to people for over 170 years.

Can you be upset after the girl you picked up on Tinder tells you it’s not going to work out after she realizes you drive a Corolla? No. They’ve been drying up hump holes ever since the first one left the assembly line in 1968.

The point is that the Angels knew they were taking a chance on Hamilton when they signed him to that ludicrous deal. And now after his first relapse while donning an Angels uniform, they’re trying their damnedest to get out of the contract that still has $83 million remaining on it, saying there is a relapse clause in there that they are thinking about invoking.

The problem for the Moreno and the Angels is that there isn’t:

Moreno even had the stones to say it had nothing to do with the money, but that’s a bigger crock of shit than Christianity. It was a bad contract in 2012, it looks even worse now given Hamilton’s performance on and off the diamond, and now Moreno is looking for anyway to get out of what’s left of the $125 million mess that he is responsible for.

And he’s going about it like a fucking twat…

Wait, there’s more: Evan Gattis Has Struck Out Eight Straight Times, Is Pure Dog Shit Right Now

You have got to see this shit:

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