Stephen A. Smith Is An Idiot, Thinks Chip Kelly Is Racist

stephen a smith chip kelly racist

by Tommy Gimler

Here is how Stephen A. Smith’s brain works: Chip Kelly let Jeremy Maclin go this offseason, but he kept Riley Cooper. Therefore, Chip Kelly must hate black players.

Stephen A. Smith joined fellow dipshit Skip Bayless on ESPN 2′s First Take this morning and went on perhaps his dumbest rant yet, and that’s saying something.

Smith told Bayless and smoking hottie Cari Champion that Kelly’s personnel decisions have made “a few brothers uncomfortable,” a statement that was made even more absurd the only way possible: The fact that Bayless “totally agreed.”

Debunking Smith’s ludicrous claim is almost as easy as our Indian intern’s ex-girlfriend Akansh, and he said she was the biggest slut in Howrah. Here is a list of players who won’t be returning to the Eagles in 2015:

Trent Cole – Black

Todd Herremans – White

LeSean McCoy – Black

Cary Williams – Black

Now, here’s a list of players who are either resigning with the Eagles, reportedly signing a deal with Philadelphia when they can officially do so Tuesday afternoon, or coming over via trade:

Mark Sanchez - Hispanic

Kiko Alonso - Cuban/Colombian

Byron Maxwell – Black

Brandon Graham – Black

Brad Jones – Black

Frank Gore – Black

So, even if you’re looking at things as a simple fuck like Smith would and basing your decisions solely on skin color, your assumption that Chip Kelly is racist is easily debunked by the fact that he has released one more white player than he has brought in. And let’s not forget the fact that sure, LeSean McCoy is gone, but his replacement is even blacker than he is, as Frank Gore just might be the blackest guy in the league.

Now, if you want have a more intellectual discussion about what Chip Kelly is doing in Philadelphia, read on.

Chip Kelly understands that you need two things to win in the NFL. First, you need some kind of system that can be successful despite the fact that you are going to have many interchangeable parts. And second, you need a stud franchise quarterback to run that system.

The Eagles didn’t bring Maclin back because he was going to command somewhere around $10 million a season based on this year’s wide receiver market, and in fact, the Chiefs will reportedly give him $11 million a year for the next five years. Meanwhile, they have Cooper and rookie standout Jordan Matthews locked up for less than $5 million combined,

Now, guess how many teams have won a Super Bowl over the last eight years with a wide receiver making north of $10 million. Zero, and that’s because you don’t win Super Bowls by holding onto and overpaying wide receivers.

Ask Bill Belichick.

When the guru won his first Super Bowl during the 2001 season, the highest paid receiver on his team was Terry Glenn, and “she” only pulled down $2.6 million that year. They shipped him to Green Bay the following year. The Patriots won it all again during the 2003 and 2004 seasons with Bethel Johnson and Troy Brown each pulling down around $2.5 million respectively. Johnson was gone following the 2004 season, and Brown played his last football for New England in 2006.

You could argue that the Patriots’ running back situation has been even more volatile than the wide receiver position since Belichick won his first title, yet the Patriots seemed to be just fine, as they’re perennial contenders to win the Super Bowl. Any why? Because they have a system that works and a franchise quarterback in Tom Brady. Or in other words, they have what Chip Kelly is trying to build.

Yet there is never a cry of racism every time Belichick decides to let a receiver take a walk instead of showing him the money. Or when the Patriots decline a $20 million option on Darrelle Revis, it’s considered a smart business decision, not a racist move.

So, why does Stephen A. Smith think Chip Kelly is a racist for trying to do the exact same thing? Because Stephen A. Smith is a fucking idiot. That’s why…

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