‘Violation Of Team Rules’ Apparently Is Code For ‘Sexual Assault’ In 2015


by Andy Ostroff

This week and last, two players on two different premier NCAA basketball teams were dismissed from playing under circumstances that were more vague than the details of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford explaining his busy weekend. It wasn’t until later that we found out these dismissals were due to sexual misconduct.

This shouldn’t be a public epidemic swept under the rug like HIV in the 80’s. While I’m not the morality police nor am I even an authority, I can tell you that it’s pretty terrible. It’s gotten to the point where a player can be kicked off a team and I no longer think, “He must have been late to one too many meetings,” and instead I assume, “He probably raped AT LEAST one girl.”

This sucks, and it’s sad. While I don’t know an exact solution, there needs to be more of an effort to prevent this behavior. When I went to college, half of my orientation was dedicated to learning about sexual assault and how it is not a good thing. I remember watching a God-awful acting performance not much better than Tommy Wiseau in The Room simulating a trial involving a student who may or may not have raped another student. While it wasn’t a good show, it was completely terrifying and I still remember it years later.

Are lessons like this taught anymore?

They should be, and these classes should be amped up and mandatory for the athletes and their coaches to make sure they pay attention. Regardless of academics, these guys are the faces of these universities, and they are making these schools look ridiculous.  Should the colleges get fined for this? While it is not directly the fault of the college, money dictates everything they do, and these players make them a ton of money. Maybe hitting them in their pocket book will make them take the necessary precautions to stop this from being a greater issue than it is now.

Additionally, I understand this is a problem that doesn’t solely have to do with athletics. Yet when it does have to do with an athlete, it’s national news. Perhaps the extra attention given to the athletes will trickle down to the rest of the student body. I also understand that not all of these athletes are guilty and should be given their due process. However, this whole thing may be preventable from the get go…how about we try?

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You have got to see this shit:

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