A Woman At The Hornets-Kings Game Got Smoked In The Face By A Basketball

woman hit in face with basketball

by Tommy Gimler

Sorry, ma’am. When you have front row seats to an NBA game, you have to make a decision before you enter the arena: Do you want to watch the fucking game, or do you want to play Candy Crush?

Although, we get it. Whatever is on that phone has to be more entertaining than what’s on the court. After all, it was a game featuring the Charlotte Hornets and the Sacramento Kings.

But with two pig shit awful teams on the hardwood, you unfortunately have to pay attention at all times when you’re in the front row because things like this are bound to happen more often than not:

Oh snap, girlfriend. The close-up is even funnier:

Maybe next time a couple of nose-bleeders are in order so your daughter can show you a YouTube clip of two turtles humping, and the only danger you’ll face is potentially pissing yourself from laughing so hard…

Wait, there’s more: Former WWE Diva And Current Bloated Mess Chyna Posts Weird YouTube Video

You have got to see this shit:

Pow! - Imgur

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One Response to A Woman At The Hornets-Kings Game Got Smoked In The Face By A Basketball

  1. GDP says:

    Not to excuse the two not paying attention BUT; the guy next to the lady that got hit sure made a “tremendous” effort to knock the ball away.

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