Way To Ruin It For Everyone, Kansas State

kansas state fans rush court

by Andy Ostroff

Last night the Kansas State basketball team looked great by beating their arch rivals Kansas in a close game. However, their student body really looked like pieces of shit by pinning Kansas coach Bill Self against the scorer’s table and purposely trying to injure one of the Kansas players, which brings me to this question: WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING DOING?

Some colossal moron threw a shoulder into 6’8”, 220-pound Jamari Taylor, and he’s lucky number 31 didn’t rip his head off.

However, what this idiot didn’t take into consideration is that he was caught on camera because it was a nationally televised game! Now, the K-State police department is looking for him on Twitter and chances are he will be hit with a battery charge in a real courtroom because the press this story is receiving is out of control. He will probably be made an example and deservedly so. Have fun trying to get a job with your Junior College degree and a criminal record, asshole!

But what should schools do now? Rushing the court in college basketball is an amazing tradition and part of the game. The problem arises when a few dumb ass fans go too far. Nobody wants to see an injury to a student or to a player that potentially ends an NBA career.

As a conference, the SEC has decided to fine schools when the students rush the court. I don’t agree with that, as it punishes the school and will ultimately lead to a way less fun environment. It’s pretty much taking an enjoyable event and turning it into a dreary Hunger Games-like police state instead.

In my opinion, here is what should happen, and it should happen to K-State immediately. First, yes, fine them. Colleges love money, but they should take it one step further. It was the fans that misbehaved, but they don’t get punished when a school gets fined. So, take away a home game. That right there punishes the fans, it punishes the team, and it punishes the school. These colleges make money on home games and fans enjoy them, but if they can’t handle it, take it away. People will stop being assholes overnight when there are real consequences involved.

The NCAA can do it pretty easily. I mean, FIFA seems to do it often, so why can’t these guys? Then again, maybe we should be praising the Kansas State fans’ behavior last night because hey, at least it wasn’t this:

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