This Syracuse Self-Imposed Ban Will Soon Get Worse

fab melo

by Andy Ostroff

I feel like there is much more to come with this Syracuse self-imposed postseason ban. Right now, they will not be able to play in the ACC, NCAA, or (gasp) NIT tournaments.

It looks like they are admitting guilt, and to be honest, they probably are guilty. However, this year they are still a few good wins from being an NCAA tourney lock and currently have a 15-7 record. Therefore, it’s a pretty convenient time for some self-imposed sanctions.

I’m not exactly sure what they did yet. Their players weren’t going to class? Which school has players that actually go to class? There were college stand-outs that didn’t even take the SAT (or the ACT for all you weirdos), yes I’m looking at you Derrick Rose…and the person John Calipari paid to take your test!

Syracuse already lost out on a National Championship in 2012 with Fab Melo being suspended right before the tournament, almost completely diminishing their interior defense minutes before the games were supposed to start. Yes, they would have won with him in there. They would’ve definitely beaten Ohio State in the Elite Eight then avenged their 1996 finals loss to Kentucky.*

Isn’t that punishment enough? Also, chances are very good that at that time Fab Melo couldn’t even speak English! They just plucked the kid out of Brazil, told him to cut it out with the Capoeira, and put him in class. They don’t teach classes in Portuguese, except maybe Portuguese. So, there’s no way that kid is going to average better than a C at a real university.

Earlier this week, in what I feel was a classy move; Syracuse University issued a statement to all their alumni informing them of the story before it became public. Now the news is days old, but why hasn’t the national media indicted them yet? Are they tired from being the judge, jury, and executioner while convicting the Patriots in the deflategate “non-story” before they even saw an ounce of evidence? On another note, watch how that story will disappear with no explanation like the original actress who played Aunt Viv on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that it was bullshit from the start.

I mean the national media literally, well figuratively, murdered Joe Paterno before they got a chance to hear his side of the story. Chances are he was a major piece of shit, but still, take a breath, and let the guy react. Is Boeheim not popular enough to be knocked from his pedestal?  I think he is! He’s coached for 39 years, has a 962-327 record, and a much hotter and younger wife. Is this not America? Where’s the blind hatred? He’s successful!

Truly, I don’t really want Boeheim knocked down at all. I want this to all go away, but it won’t, and it’s just the beginning. I’m predicting at least two more years of probation, a loss of at least two scholarships, and other recruiting restrictions.

And that suuuuuuucks…

*I’m a pretty big Syracuse fan…sorry for the homerism.

Wait, there’s more: Thank You, Sports Illustrated

You have got to see this shit:

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