That Kentucky Game Last Night Was Close…For A Minute

Vanderbilt v Kentucky

by Andy Ostroff

I watched Kentucky beat Georgia…while it was a valiant effort from the Bulldogs there really was no thought in my mind that Kentucky wouldn’t rattle off a quick run to put the game out reach. It was like a kid letting his younger brother come close in Madden only to make him cry three minutes later by scoring 4 unanswered TDs and punching him in the arm.

And true to form, it happened. Minus their rare overtime finishes, from what I’ve seen so far this year the Wildcats either completely decimate teams or let them hang around til about five minutes remaining and then they show how deep they truly are.

It keeps looking like Kentucky is going to finish the season with a big goose egg in the loss column. Perhaps if they played in the ACC or even the Big 10, this wouldn’t happen, but they don’t, and if they can keep their focus and stay healthy come tourney time a lot of these kids will have undefeated college careers. Because, let’s be honest, they ain’t hanging around next season.

Yet, if the Wildcats do lose, who will be number one? There is no better team in the NCAA. Looking at the top ten teams in the country, I think Virginia has the best chance to beat them based on their experience and their defense. But the Cavaliers would have to play a near perfect game and even then if they played 100 times, they would probably lose 80 games. Of course, any team can go out of their mind shooting threes and beat anybody, which is why I love college basketball.

But onto my point…as far of the Top 25 is concerned, if Kentucky had lost to Georgia tonight, I still would have ranked them number one come Monday. Hell, they could even lose to the women’s team from Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire, and a week later still be ranked as the top team in college basketball.

Then again, it’s just a poll and probably won’t mean anything come mid March…

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