Super Bowl 49 Recap: Nobody In Phoenix Was Drunker Than This Clown

drunk guy in tempe for the super bowl

by Tommy Gimler

Look at this fucking guy.

Millions of people flocked to the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area this weekend to partake in Super Bowl 49 festivities, but none of them got as shithoused as this dude. Or if they did, they probably died.

At least two things about this clip are beyond a fucking miracle. One, how was he even awake? And two, how in the hell did he manage to stay upright once his pants fell to his ankles?

Tempe police officers on bicycles (#gay) arrived on the scene less than three minutes after the SUV hump sesh and took him away. Odds are he woke up Saturday morning with a bitch of a headache and at least a $300 ticket in his pocket. And by the looks of things, coming up with the loot to pay it off is going to be a problem…

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