Chris Jones Is A Millennial Douchebag

chris jones

by Andy Ostroff

It is not cool to hit people or threaten to hit people…especially women.  But University of Louisville guard Chris Jones took it to a new level the other day with his threatening text message to a girl that allegedly made his dorm room messy.

Here is a direct quote that I took from a four-letter article about the incident:

According to the report, aound (sic) 2 p.m. on the afternoon of Feb. 17, Jones texted that he would “smack TF out of” her, with “TF” interpreted to mean “the f—”.

OMG, did you just threaten somebody in text message speak!?!?

Despite the seriousness of the content, when I read this, I LOLed. I was very close to ROTFL.

This is just mean and lazy…the only explanation I can think of for abbreviating “The Fuck” to “TF” is that he was tired of “fuck” being auto-corrected to “duck.” In all seriousness, if he would have sent this text to me, I would have had no idea what he was talking about.

Holy shit, dude. What’s more embarrassing, you threatening a woman or your failure to properly use the English language? Come on, buddy. It’s not like you go to Syracuse. Use your words!

Not only should he be dismissed from the team, but he should also be forced to write complete sentences about being kind to women on a chalkboard until his hands bleed…

Wait, there’s more: Way To Ruin It For Everyone, Kansas State

You have got to see this shit:

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