Journalists Executed By Russell Westbrook

russell westbrook execute

by Eddie Bagelstein

Because we’re nowhere near the point of the season where NBA games matter, I didn’t watch the Oklahoma Thunder beat up on the world-beating Golden State Warriors Thursday night. But I know enough from Russell Westbrook’s post-game interviews to know that the Thunder executed well.

After dropping a monster stat line on the NBA’s best team, Westbrook got all Lynch-onian and gave pretty much one answer to four distinctly different questions posed by the local media: Execution.

Okay, the questions probably weren’t that different, considering us media types are really just types anyway, but still, it took a pretty good amount of creativity on Westbrook’s part. Westbrook is obviously amused with himself, too, you can see that. He’s actually holding back a smile after using a form of “execute” not once, but twice in the same answer to one reporter’s cogent query.

Still, even though he’s enjoying himself, it doesn’t take a Pulitzer winner to see Westbrook’s also got a legitimate beef with someone. But who? The plot thickens.

After the fourth question, one of the reporters, The Oklahoman‘s Berry Tramel, finally asks a question that Westbrook will answer honestly. “Are you upset with something?”

“I just don’t like you,” says Westbrook. And goddamn if he didn’t just avail himself as the frontrunner for Eddie Bagelstein’s “Top 5 Reporter Belittling’s of 2015.”

Apparently the beef goes back a few weeks to when Westbrook was ejected from a Suns game and took umbrage with reporters afterward. Or maybe it goes back a lot longer than that, who really knows? Regardless, I’m sure Tramel deserves Westbrook’s hate. Why? Because he’s a reporter.

I don’t know who the hell Tramel is, but he ain’t Russell Westbrook. He’s just some guy who makes a living picking apart another guy who’s trying his best to make a living.

And I’m just a guy picking apart a guy who’s picking another guy apart. Go journalism…

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You have got to see this shit:

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