Steve Atwater Has a Nickname for Bradley Roby’s Mom

bradley roby

by Eddie Bagelstein

See that title there? That’s how rumors get started. You try to tell a nice human nature story and all of the sudden a bunch of hack journalists take your soundbite and turn it salacious.

But forget about Atwater’s nickname for Roby’s mom for a sec. This story is about one great Bronco helping out a guy we’re all very hopeful will be a future great Bronco.

Steve “The Smiling Assassin” Atwater, the bone-thudding safety during the Donkeys’ glory years, is the dad of Steve Atwater, Jr. Now that may not sound revelatory – okay, perhaps the fact a young black man knows his dad is somewhat shocking – but Jr. was best high school bros and teammates with Roby.

During games, Steve Sr., or “Mr. Steve” as Bradley calls him, used to sit in the stands and watch “Lil’ Steve” play. At the same time, Ms. Roby would cheer on Bradley. “Bradley’s mom, Betty, came to every game. She sat right near us. She’s very proud of her son, and man, she would talk some noise. She’d be sitting in the stands shouting ’4-2-8! 4-2-8!’” said Mr. Steve to the Denver Post.

It took Atwater many a sleepless night to figure out that Betty was talking about Bradley’s 4.28 second 40-yard dash time. But when he did, he immediately started to call her 4-2-8.

Okay, so the whole nickname thing isn’t really an angle worth pursuing past the point of click-baiting, but let’s talk about something that is noteworthy: Bradley Roby ran a 4.28 in high school. And the Broncos got him at number 31 in the draft this year, thanks to the magical instincts of Johnny GM. Roby may very well end up being Rookie of the Year too, unless Johnny Manziel throws 20 touchdowns over the next two weeks.

The DP story goes on to discuss how the Atwater family was a hugely positive influence on Roby, especially since most of his friends didn’t have fathers in the picture. While this is fine reporting, which presents an angle any homer would enjoy, perhaps the most interesting part of the whole story, beyond the fact that Mr. Steve has a nickname for Ms. Roby, is the fact that Rod Woodson was a “coaching intern” for the Broncos during training camp. Imagine that: the former Steeler great getting John Fox coffee.

It’s also funny to think about what a disappointment Steve Atwater, Jr. must be to his dad, having gone nowhere near as far in football as his dad or his best friend. Imagine how much he must hate himself. But that’s what happens when you’re a football player known as “Lil’ Steve.” That nickname’s much more well-suited for guitar playing actors…

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You have got to see this shit:

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