Savage Bulls Fan Vapes Lungs Out on TV

vaper nuggets game

by Eddie Bagelstein

The below Vine of a kid “savagely” vaping at a Nuggets-Bulls game is mildly entertaining, which is as much as you can ask for out of a six-second Vine. Or a six-paragraph blog post about those six seconds, really.

Kids these days. Right? What the heckity heck is wrong with them? When I was a kid we used to respect those around us and keep our weed to our own aluminum cans in the ditch behind the… I’m sorry, what was I talking about… right! Weed. Weed is awesome.

Which is one of the reasons why I love this future business leader of America. Plus, though he’s obviously a Bulls fan at a Nuggets game, and a vaping-in-public one at that, Young Vaper’s actually supporting the home team. The Nugs may be named after the area’s gold-boom fixtures, but it’s not lost on many that the team’s name also perfectly represents the city where big green nuggets are legally available. God bless it. Perhaps this kid was inspired by the Mile High team’s obvious glorification of the green? Or perhaps he was inspired by the Mile High City itself?

Speaking of Nuggets, Young Vaper sure has big ones. It’s not like pro venues aren’t well lit, with cameras all over the place, just waiting to put you on the kiss cam. And there are kids around him, which tends to piss people off. And there are white folk all over the place, who tend to be looking for easy excuses to kick the brown people out. Especially if you’re wearing the wrong team’s jersey.

Obviously, Young Vaper’s an idiot, but he’s an idiot who’s high as fuck at the Nugs’ game. And he never even had to leave his seat. You know how healthy Derrick Rose looks when you’re high?

All this inspires a question which gets to the heart of so many successful idiots: Is it ballsy or just plain fucking stupid? And does it matter how stupid it really is, if you get away with it? Right, there’s video evidence that shows Young Vaper didn’t get away with it, but in today’s millennial culture, he sure did. He’s famous. He’s on the internet. On the DUD, no less. Go weed!

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You have got to see this shit:

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