After Making The Catch Of The Year, Odell Beckham Jr. Can Also Plow My Sister

odell beckham jr catch

by Tommy Gimler

The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants in the shithole most people call New Jersey Sunday night, but who gives a shit? The real story was New York’s Odell Beckham Jr. using just three fingers on his big right paw to make what was easily the catch of the year.

Cris Collinsworth already had his entire tongue up Beckham’s asshole before this catch, so it’s probably safe to assume he needed a change of shorts after watching replay after replay of it.

“The greatest catch I’ve ever seen?” Take it easy, Collinsworth. It was pretty fucking impressive, and it was enough to move Beckham Jr. up the short list of athletes I would let plow my sister, but it’s probably not even the greatest catch in Giants history much less the greatest of all time.

So, let’s just go ahead and call it the catch of the year, chat about how it helped your fantasy team get over the hump at the water cooler with your coworker who couldn’t give two shits, and then sit back and find out who else Bill Cosby raped…

Wait, there’s more:

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