The 5 Most Disgusting American Sports Injuries Of All-Time

paul george

by Tommy Gimler

Don’t want your kid to play sports? Then boy, do we have the article for you! Eating breakfast? You might want to go elsewhere.

Paul George’s injury last night was horrific on two fronts. First, his leg folded in half in a place where it’s not supposed to. Second, I was in the middle of devouring what was a delicious BBQ cheddar burger and truffle fries combo at the Yard House in Marina Del Rey when I looked up and watched it happen live, and completely pissed away fourteen bucks in the process.

George’s broken leg will never be classified as the worst sports injury ever, as he will eventually walk and play basketball again. I mean, we’re pretty sure that Mike Utley would be jonesing to have a severely broken leg right now if it meant he would be able to resume walking in several months. Worst injury? No, but George’s gruesome fracture will definitely go down as one of the most disgusting American sports injuries of all-time, just like these:

5. Willis McGahee – 1999 Fiesta Bowl

It’s almost as surprising as somebody having sex with Melissa McCarthy without getting paid for it that McGahee has rushed for almost 8,500 yards and 65 touchdowns in his NFL career following this brutal hit from Will Allen in his final college football game:

4. Paul George – 2014 USA Basketball Scrimmage

It has to be so painful for Pacers fans and management knowing that this injury occurred during a scrimmage for USA Basketball instead of the NBA Finals. But no matter what any of them might say, it’s nowhere near the pain George must have felt when he snapped the fibula and tibia in his right leg:

3. Joe Theismann – 1985 Giants vs. Redskins

You have to think this is the most concerned Lawrence Taylor has ever been, even more so than when he got busted twirling his condom he had just used on a 16-year-old hooker over his head like a lasso in a New York hotel room. At first sight, Theismann’s injury doesn’t look that bad, but they had to go to the reverse angle. Oh, please don’t go to the reverse angle:

2. Marcus Lattimore – 2012 Tennessee vs. South Carolina

It’s been 21 months since Lattimore suffered what we have deemed the second-most disgusting American sports injury of all-time, and the 49ers running back still can’t practice. But the fact he was even drafted last year is a testament to his talent, work ethic, and character. Your character will come into question if you watch this and somehow still find a way to get an erection in the next two hours:

1. Kevin Ware – 2013 NCAA Tournament

Let’s be honest. Even if you’ve made it this far after watching the previous four videos, this one will still be almost as disturbing as watching Tara Reid act:


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