Browns Rookie Gives Woman His Number On Instagram, Her Husband’s Friends Text Him Dick Pics

Terrance West

by Tommy Gimler

The good news for Cleveland Browns fans is that rookie running back Terrance West doesn’t lack confidence. The bad news, though, is that he’s pretty fucking stupid.

According to the gang at Deadspin, West recently got so excited about a Washington, D.C. area woman on Instagram, that in a matter of two minutes and even though the woman’s profile “clearly states that she is married and has kids” and without any return comment from her that she was looking for some “strange,” he followed her, liked four of her pics, left a comment of “wow,” and left his phone number for all to see.

terrance west instagram

The woman’s husband, Hunter, was made aware of West’s actions. But instead of calling him and recommending Tinder for slamming random poon when the Browns visit the nation’s capital for a preseason game this Monday night, he gave West’s phone number to a bunch of his male friends. From that point on, West’s phone was getting blown up by dick pics, ass shots, and hairy chests.

West eventually blocked the woman he was trying to plow this Monday, changed his Instagram to “private,” and got dumped a girl whose name he had recently tattooed onto his chest.

It’s hell of a story, and thanks to Deadspin, it got out to the masses. Unfortunately for those who just get their news from ESPN, the only news out of Browns camp today probably had to deal with Johnny Manziel dropping a deuce at Taco Bell or cutting his toenails on a park bench…

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