Turd Alert: Chicago White Sox Catcher Tyler Flowers Is Pure Garbage

tyler flowers

by Tommy Gimler

The Chicago White Sox are currently 44-47 and eight games behind the AL Central-leading Tigers, but let’s be honest. I have a better chance of fingering Brooklyn Decker outside a Vietnamese gas station than they have at making the postseason this year. For starters, other than Chris Sale, their pitching staff blows. But an even bigger issue is the turd responsible for catching those guys: Tyler Flowers.

On May 25th, Flowers was hitting .312 with an OBP of .370. Since then, he’s been the worst hitter in all of baseball.

Yes, even worse than BJ Upton.

The last time Flowers recorded a hit was June 29th, and he’s been 0 for his last 18 since. In fact, the only time he has reached base since then was when he was hit by a pitch on July 4th.

Flowers has 9 hits in his last 102 at-bats, good for a .088 clip. His batting average and OBP for the season have each dropped almost 100 points to .219 and .278 respectively. In the 31 games that he has appeared in since the 25th, he has struck out at least once in all but four of them. His 100 strikeouts on the season are the most among catchers and the sixth-most for a player at any position.

His .129 batting average in June was the worst in all of baseball among hitters with at least 75 plate appearances, and his .187 OBP was the second-worst behind Boston’s Xander Bogaerts. In 70 June at-bats, Flowers struck out in 34 of them, which is 48.6% of the time.

At this point, we’re not sure who should be more embarrassed about Tyler Flowers being one huge pile of pig shit, Flowers or the guy behind him who White Sox management has deemed “not as good as Flowers?”


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2 Responses to Turd Alert: Chicago White Sox Catcher Tyler Flowers Is Pure Garbage

  1. Tyler Flowers says:

    Hey, fuck you.

  2. BBCC says:

    This guy is still playing professional baseball.
    This universe is absolutely fucked.

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