Check Out This FSU Art Student’s Painting Of A Frat Boy Blowing Jameis Winston

jameis winston painting

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, according to a kid who quit the hockey team at my college, they made the incoming freshman circle jerk on a piece of bread, and the last poor bastard to bust his nut had to eat the damn thing. So, who knows? Maybe this painting is a glimpse into what you have to do to become a full blown member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Florida State University.

Any crap, here’s a painting courtesy of FSU junior art major Lena NW. To say it’s open for interpretation is a bigger understatement than me saying I would eat raspberry ganache out of Kate Upton’s asshole, and I fucking hate raspberry ganache:

Now, before you dismiss this as just some random artsy, jock-hating Janeane Garafalo-type broad who can’t stand the fact that Jameis Winston gets away with pretty much whatever he wants (i.e. alleged rape, stealing thirty bucks worth of crab legs), take into consideration that according to Deadspin, Lena NW has received funding for her work and made the Dean’s and President’s list at some point in her three years at FSU. So, maybe there’s something to the objectification of males message she posted on her site that guys like us are too stupid to notice when we look at this “art.”

Our take? Neither the guy getting blown by the frat boy or the one about to take a Heisman strapon in his pooper look that much like Jameis Winston. Then again, we’ve never seen Winston in either situation, and we’re happy to say as much, so maybe this really is an accurate portrayal of him…

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