Remember When Matt Kemp Didn’t Suck?

Matt Kemp Sucks

by Frank Rhombus

Matt Kemp is having another dog shit night at the plate against A.J. Burnett and the Phillies, one that has seen the Dodgers center fielder strike out for the 18th time in just 15 games and his batting average fall below the Medoza Line. And that got us thinking, “Wasn’t Matt Kemp supposed to be good?”

Odds are if you would have told Dodgers GM Ned Colletti in November of 2011 when he signed Kemp to an 8-year, $160 million contract that Kemp would be so terrible that he would have to consider rotating him through an outfield platoon less than 2 1/2 years later, Colletti would have told you to go fuck a fire hydrant. But sadly for Colletti and Dodgers fans, that is exactly what Kemp is doing.

Since that deal went down, Kemp has missed almost a full season due to nagging injuries and a piss-poor attitude. But even when he’s been on the field, he’s been playing more like a $2 million man instead of the $20 million kind. His .283 batting average since the beginning of 2012 is tied for 22nd-best among outfielders who have played at least 190 games. Kemp hit 39 home runs in 2011, but 40 other outfielders have hit more than his 32 home runs since 2012, including Lucas Duda and Colby Rasmus. And 47 outfielders have stolen more bases than Kemp’s 20 swipes since 2012, including Justin Ruggiano and Nate McLouth.

Sure, we get it. The 2014 season is younger than the girl R. Kelly fingered last weekend. And it’s hard to tally home runs and stolen bases when you miss 161 games in a span of just over two seasons. But the whole point of being a $20 million a year guy is that you find a way to get on the field, and when you’re on it, you find a way to be a better player than Jon Jay and Chris Denorfia.

More importantly, when you’re a $160 million center fielder, you find a way to make sure your team wins games when your ass is in the lineup, and Matt Kemp hasn’t been doing that lately. Since last year’s All-Star break, the Dodgers are 43-19 when Matt Kemp doesn’t play. But when Don Mattingly pencils his overpaid ass into the Dodgers lineup, Los Angeles is 14-15, nothing more than a below-average ball club…

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One Response to Remember When Matt Kemp Didn’t Suck?

  1. Dennis Richardson says:

    If Matt Kemp had any personal integrity he would walk away from the game of Major League baseball and give some of the money back that he has not earned. Does MLB keep statistics regarding how many runners are left in scoring position, Kemp must among the worse. Kemp be a man and walk away from this game to allow the Dodgers to bring up a young outfielder like Joc Pedersen. Be a man and Quit your job.

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