Magic Johnson Is Apparently Having One Hell Of A Week

magic johnson

by Tommy Gimler

Racist owner of the other basketball team in Los Angeles banned from the NBA? Check. Head coach for the basketball team in Los Angeles that people actually give a shit about resigns? Check. It’s official: Magic Johnson is having one hell of good week.

Shortly after damning audio of Clippers owner Donald Sterling saying what he thinks of African-Americans, and apparently the answer is “not much,” was released by TMZ, Magic Johnson was on radio and television sharing his very popular opinion that Sterling should no longer be allowed to own an NBA team. Several days later, NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling from the NBA for life, and Magic was ecstatic about it, saying:

It was a great day for the United States, a great day for the NBA, a great day for all people of all races, but especially African-Americans and Latinos who he was speaking out against.

And not only was Sterling pretty no longer going to own the Clippers, but Magic’s name was also popping up everywhere as a potential replacement, and you have to think he felt pretty good about that. Odds are he won’t purchase the team because the name on the front of the jersey isn’t “Lakers,” but it was nice to mention him as a potential owner nonetheless.

Everybody should have seen his comments and his name popping up as a possible replacement owner. But nobody saw this coming today when Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned after the Lakers refused to extend his contract beyond next season:


Wow. Everything is coming up Milhouse Magic Johnson right now…

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