The DUD’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party Was The Perfect Way To Wrap Up The NFL Season


by Tommy Gimler

Women, gambling, booze, beef, and nineteen different chip dips were the perfect distraction from the worst Super Bowl in the last thirteen years for everybody outside of the greater Seattle metro area. The DUD wraps up their 2013-14 NFL season coverage with a few takeaways and of course, pictures with hot broads.

The DUD’s Three Takeaways From Super Bowl XLVIII

1) Renee Fleming can eat my fucking ass. Like most of the country, we bet on her performance going over two minutes and twenty-five seconds. How in the hell can you be classified as an opera singer and finish the national anthem in just two minutes and three seconds? That was just nine seconds longer than Christina Aguilera, and that dumb cunt left out an entire line of the song…

2) Seattle became the third consecutive underdog to win the big game, and the sixth underdog to cover in the last seven years. In fact, since Super Bowl XXX in 1996, the underdog is 12-5-2, and that means, just like an illegal immigrant at the home of Mitt Romney, the boys in Vegas are cleaning house…

3) Our Indian intern Rakesh, who isn’t pictured in any of the shots from yesterday’s party because there are women in them, went 3-3 yesterday, making his overall record betting on American football this year a horrific 101-121-2 (45.5%). In his defense, if you were taking advice from an unpaid Indian intern working at a comedy/sports blog, you’ve got fucking problems, man…

Pictures From The DUD’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party in Los Angeles

Even though the big game was about as entertaining as getting a screwdriver shoved up your peehole, I think it’s obvious that we enjoyed ourselves yesterday. Sadly, for the second straight year, Kate Upton was a no-show…



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One Response to The DUD’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party Was The Perfect Way To Wrap Up The NFL Season

  1. Zachary says:

    I tend to gravitate toward the young lady in the 3/4-sleeve.

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