O.J. Mayo Ties Shoes While On Defense, Sums Up The Milwaukee Bucks’ 2014 Season On One Dipshit Play


by Tommy Gimler

We haven’t talked very much about the Milwaukee Bucks this year, and that’s because they’re the Milwaukee Bucks. Apparently, even the guys who make up their roster could give two shits about how the Bucks finish a game much less this season.

Odds are you haven’t been paying attention to the Milwaukee Bucks this season or any of the last twelve for that matter, as we’re assuming that watching Bucks basketball falls somewhere between shoving a screwdriver up your peehole and raping a poodle on your list of things to accomplish on a daily basis. So, allow us to get you up to speed: they’re pure pig shit.

At 10-44, Milwaukee’s .185 winning percentage is lower than Adam Dunn’s batting average last year, and that is almost as pathetic as Corey Feldman. The Philadelphia 76ers, the next worst team in the NBA, have five more wins than the Bucks.

And this play from last night’s 101-90 loss to the Nuggets pretty much sums up what Bucks basketball has been this season. Watch as Bucks guard O.J. Mayo – yup, he’s still in the league – decides to tie his shoes instead of playing defense:

To be fair, Denver’s Randy Foye was moving around about as much Stephen Hawking and wasn’t the one who scored on the play, but the idea of tying your shoes instead of playing defense is still almost as ridiculous as the fact that the Bucks want a new arena…

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