Johnny Weir Is Really Throwing It In Russia’s Anti-Gay Asses


by Tommy Gimler

NBC figure skating analyst Johnny Weir is a homosexual, and that is beyond OK. Well, unless he’s in Russia.

Vlad Putin’s anti-gay remarks prior to the Sochi Winter Games were well covered by everyone from NBC to – um, or at least that’s what I heard. Putin warned all homosexuals to abstain from “any flamboyant displays that draw unnecessary attention to themselves” by saying, “Any attempt by homosexuals to flaunt their bodies in a way that is distracting, provocative, or arousing will be frowned upon.”

Well, either Johnny Weir didn’t get the memo or he took that message, wrapped it up in a pair of his finest ass-less chaps, and threw it right up Putin’s peehole because from the looks of it, he’s letting not only Russia but also the entire world know that he’s about as gay as Lance Bass blowing Jesse Tyler Ferguson on the hood of a Toyota Prius:

We could give two shits about what you think of Weir’s lifestyle. But no matter which side of the fence you are on, you have to be impressed with how Weir has thrown Putin’s threats right up his anti-gay ass. It took big stones to stand up to someone with Putin’s reputation on his own soil, and in this case, it took big gay stones…

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