Here’s Video Of Ray Rice’s Knocked Out Fiancee

ray rice

by Tommy Gimler

In case you haven’t heard, Ray Rice allegedly punched his fiancee in the face after she spit on him in an Atlantic City casino over the weekend. Now, TMZ Sports has obtained video of Rice dragging his knocked out fiancee Janay Palmer out of a Revel Casino elevator. And from what I’ve heard, I was in pretty much the same form as the Baltimore Ravens running back’s fiancee after my show at the Firewater Saloon in Chicago last night.


Our favorite part is when the security guard scratches his head and presumably tells Rice he’s going to have to call the cops on this one, at which point Rice throws his arms down in a “you have got to be fist fucking me” fashion.

For Janay Palmer’s sake, good thing she was in a casino with cameras and security instead of an East Coast frat house…

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One Response to Here’s Video Of Ray Rice’s Knocked Out Fiancee

  1. TontoKowalski says:

    Crab-cakes, Football and Spousal Abuse…that’s what Maryland does…

    “Suggs held her down on the floor, poured bleach on her and their son and kicked her in the face, breaking her nose”

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