Dipshit Doctor Tells Fox 2 In Detroit The Patriots Will Win Tomorrow

fox 2 doctor super bowl

by Frank Rhombus

Well, they sure as shit won’t lose, doc, and that’s probably because they aren’t playing.

This is Dr. Shukri David, and he’s a cardiologist in the nation’s largest shithole the majority of people refer to as the greater Detroit metro area:

David took time out of his Saturday morning to join reporter Deena Centofanti on the local FOX affiliate’s morning show to discuss – of all things related to the Super Bowl – fucking heart health. The interview was almost as boring as Inside Llewyn Davis until Centofanti decided to ask a guy who looks like the least likely candidate to discuss anything of importance in relation to professional sports who he thought was going to win the big game.

His response?

Why, the Patriots, of course:

Let’s hope he does a little more research before he recommends some poor fucker who really doesn’t need a quadruple bypass…

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3 Responses to Dipshit Doctor Tells Fox 2 In Detroit The Patriots Will Win Tomorrow

  1. PissedOffDetroiter says:

    While I found this story hilarious, was it really necessary for you to refer to Detroit as a shithole? People like you, Frank Rhombus, irritate my soul…..

    • Izzat.dunia says:

      Dr David best in Michigan when it comes to your heart.
      Uneducated assholes like you should note have an opinion.

  2. michigannurse says:

    Dr. David is far from one on the greatest cardiologist Detroit has to offer I have worked with him personally for quite a few years. Let me give you my assessment of the man. He is a big headed V
    Cocky asshole. He knows as much about cardiology as he does football.

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