Rangers Fan Uses Yankee Stadium Concourse For A Urinal

rangers new york fan nhl yankee stadium pissing pee

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a guy who thinks waiting in line for the men’s room is for pussies.

Thanks to the guys at Deadspin, this picture of a New York Rangers fan/small-peckered pile of pig shit taking a leak in the middle of a Yankee Stadium concourse is making it’s way around the internet:

deadspin yankee stadium pissing rangers fan

The Rangers took down the Islanders 2-1 in another edition of the NHL’s brilliant Stadium Series Wednesday night, but no picture has told just how much fun it was as much as this one.

To be fair, I’ll be about as hard on this guy as he is in this picture. Since in my lifetime I’ve pissed in my pants, on a girl sleeping next to me, inside my buddy’s fridge, on the end of two of my friends’ hotel beds, on the end of another girl’s bunk post, on my DVD collection, in three garbage cans, and on one of my best friends while he was passed out in the Wisconsin Dells, we’ll give this guy a pass.

I’d just like to think I did all of that with just a tad more grace than this clown…

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One Response to Rangers Fan Uses Yankee Stadium Concourse For A Urinal

  1. Nacho dan says:

    Who doesn’t get a pass? Broads that wear their pajamas in public.

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