How Does Carmelo Anthony’s 62 Points Hold Up Against Other Sports Rarities?

carmelo anthony

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s face it. Somebody scoring over sixty points in an NBA game happens about as often Taylor Swift releases a song that doesn’t blow, so Carmelo Anthony’s 62-point performance Friday night, albeit against the Charlotte Bobcats, was nonetheless impressive. But where does it stand up against other big dick player performances in other sports?

According to, Anthony became just the 31st player since the 1963-64 season to drop 60 in a game and the first to do it since Kobe Bryant poured in 61 against the Knicks almost five years ago. In the NBA alone, scoring 62 is a bigger rarity than hitting 22 free throws in a game, grabbing 28 boards, or compiling 23 assists.

In Major League Baseball, only seven players have hit four home runs in a game since 1963, but Carmelo’s 62-point effort is by far a bigger rarity than hitting at least three home runs in a game, which has happened 381 times since ’63. Stealing five bases in one game happens more often than somebody puts up 62 points, as does somebody driving in 8 runs.

In the NFL, quarterbacks have thrown six touchdown passes in a game more often than an NBA player has dropped 62 in a game since 1963. Four rushing touchdowns, four receiving touchdowns, six field goals, 480 passing yards, 230 rushing yards, and 245 receiving yards all happen more often in one game than an NBA player scoring 62 points.

So, when Bomani Jones and that retard Woody Paige are still talking about Carmelo on Monday, will it be warranted? Based on how often something like this happens, this time the answer is yes…


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2 Responses to How Does Carmelo Anthony’s 62 Points Hold Up Against Other Sports Rarities?

  1. Tom Greene says:

    You forgot hockey.. again.

    Here’s a hockey rarity for you.

    Mario Lemieux scores 5 goals and 8 total points in one night. The kicker about the 5 goals? He does it every way possible. Regular 5 on 5, short handed, power play, penalty shot and the empty netter.
    Who else has performed said feat in the NHL? NO ONE.

    • tgim says:

      Dynamite drop in, Greene. Except for the fact that I did not forget about hockey. I was going to do it, but passed out.

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